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Living Dynamics

Established in 1993, Living Dynamics is a highly specialised communication skills training consultancy who assists many of South Africa's large corporate organisations to improve their ability to communicate effectively with their clients and colleagues through classroom based, virtual and online eLearning programmes. They work closely with their clients to carefully structure assessments, create customised programmes when necessary, and take pride in the fact that they achieve great results, thereby building and maintaining solid, long term business relationships. Recently, Living Dynamics has partnered with the MyFuture Foundation in a socio economic development project that will assist South Africa's youth to improve their basic business communication skills as they prepare to join the work force.

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A word from Caroline…

"We are extremely proud to be able to support the MyFuture Foundation by partnering with them in their quest to provide basic communication skills training to the less fortunate youth of South Africa.

Final year high school students, tertiary institution graduates and even those with no formal tertiary education, need basic business skills to ensure that they are better prepared and have the tools to communicate effectively when they enter the workplace. The youth of South Africa needs all the help they can get to achieve this!

You can assist their development by partnering with the MyFuture Foundation to enable students to complete the self-study online basic business communication skills programme, ‘Mybizlingo’.


This is an exciting opportunity to potentially change the lives of many South Africans, and the future of our work force."

Caroline Tough – Director of Living Dynamics
Helping people in business to improve their communication skills since 1993

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One of Living Dynamics goals for 2022 is to support the MyFuture Foundation by providing around 2000 learners with foundational business communication skills by giving them access to the 'Mybizlingo' programme . 

Cape Town City Center


Our vision is to enable people, at all levels, to communicate more effectively across language and cultural barriers, in both formal and informal environments.

Cape Town City Center


Thanks for reaching out to us!

10 Fuschia Lane

Phezulu Estate, 

Bothas Hill, Hillcrest,

South Africa, 3610


Tel: +27 (0) 79 506 3571 (Chris Tough)


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