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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the training content on any device?

Yes, as long as it is a smart device. You can access the content using a desktop, laptop, MacBook, smart phone, an iPad or a tablet. Just make sure you have the latest version of your internet browser installed to prevent any playback issues.

Is there a recommended browser?
Yes, you get the most reliable and best user experience when using the latest version of ‘Google Chrome’ as your default browser when using a Windows operating system. For any Apple device, ‘Safari’ is the recommended browser of choice.

What should I do if my device does not have a sound card?
Although the learning experience is definitely maximised by making use of the audio aspects, it is possible to work through the material if you do not have a sound card on your device. This works for two reasons; firstly, there are many visual prompts on screen throughout, and secondly, the programme has been designed with additional subtitles that can be switched on and off as or when needed for clarity.

How do I know if I have completed my course?
On the ‘home’ page of the training portal (where your courses are displayed), look for a small block which indicates a percentage sign. Once you have completed the course the percentage sign will change from ‘0% to 100%’ and then will be replaced by the word, ‘Completed’.

What happens if I need to log out before I have finished the course I am working on?
The courses have been designed to automatically save your progress. When you are ready to resume and open the course again, you will be asked: “Would like to resume where you left off? Make sure that you do say, “Yes”!

How long should I spend working on the course, before I take a break?
Everyone is different, but we recommend that you limit your screen time to around 20 minutes per session. This will break your learning up into small, manageable ‘bite size’ chunks. To help you to do this, at the start of each new chapter you are asked: “Would you like to take a break?”.  It’s a good idea to do so if you feel tired, or need some time to digest, or put into practice, the content that you have just covered. Simply, log back in when you are ready to go!

What are the ‘Key Learning Points’ that you mention in the courses?
The ‘Key Learning Points’ are similar to ‘flash cards’; they give you a summary of the most critical elements covered in each course. The relevant PDF documents can be downloaded at the end of every course.

Do I need to make notes?
It’s really up to you, it depends on your preferred learning style. Some people find it useful to take notes as it helps them retain information more efficiently. For those who don’t make notes, you can download the ‘Key Learning Points ‘at the end of the course.

What is a Progression Tick?
The ‘Progression Tick’ was designed to help our learners to control the speed at which they progress through the course. For example, a ‘Progression Tick’ will appear directly after any new learning point or practical exercise. In effect, this temporarily ‘halts’ the content for you to make notes, or to review or recap an exercise at leisure. Then, whenever you are ready, simply click on the ‘Progression Tick’ and the content will resume. This is a very important tool that will help you to control and enhance your learning experience.

What is SED?

SED simply stands for Social and Economic Development. It is measured by various Indicators. These Indicators include Literacy, Life Expectancy, GDP,   Levels of  Employment, Personal Dignity, Safety, and Participation, among others. Although South Africa has made significant progress in the improvement of her citizens’ welfare since 1994, the pace of economic transformation and social upliftment has not been what was hoped for. This is one of the reasons that in order to get BEE points, companies must focus on Socio-Economic Development, which is included in the BEE scorecard. This is to encourage the private sector to be part of the solution to ensuring SED takes place, which will benefit their fellow citizens in broader and meaningful ways.

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