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Give South Africa’s students the head start they need!

MyFuture Foundation is a non profit organisation established to provide a link to a world class online programme that gives young South Africans an opportunity to develop a set of basic business communication skills that will increase their chance of gaining employment, and making their transition to the workplace easier and more successful. 

Our youth has so much potential, let's help to unlock it!


About Us

The MyFuture Foundation was registered as a non profit organisation to provide further education to our less fortunate youth in South Africa. We focus on preparing youngsters for their transition into the workplace by giving them a set of basic business communication skills that will assist them to apply successfully for jobs, and enhance the skills needed for a successful career. 

Through donations, Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives and Social Economic Development (SED) spends we provide beneficiaries with the opportunity to access an online effective communication in the workplace eLearning self-study programme: "Mybizlingo". This programme has been made accessible to us by our partner, Living Dynamics, a specialist communication skills training organisation. Their programmes are currently being widely implemented by large corporations within South Africa. 


Making a Difference

The youth of South Africa faces a huge challenge when it comes to employment. With the current unemployment rate sitting at just under 60% for this age group, it is extremely challenging for these youngsters to be able to enter the workplace and sustain jobs. Many young work-seekers are not well educated and do not possess sufficient skills and previous work experience demanded by employers in the labour market.


This group contains South Africa's potential future leaders, therefore it's essential to give as many learners as possible an opportunity to develop a set of basic business communication skills, which will stand them in good stead for their future employment. Clearly, good communication is a key factor for achieving success in any work environment.


What is the Mybizlingo Programme?

A user friendly self-study interactive online programme to assist with basic business communication skills; written, face to face and non-verbal. (19 modules)

Each module takes on average between 30 & 45 mins to complete, however students may take as long as they need.

Easy to access via desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads and smart phones.

A very cost effective programme with huge benefits for students at any point of their personal development journey.

Covers critical business tools including: Improving grammar and language use, listening skills and questioning techniques; telephone etiquette; writing effective emails and reports; conflict management; assertiveness and confidence building; and  creating a great first impression.

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Programme Contents

The programme comprises of 19 clearly explained and user friendly practical, fun and interactive subject matter modules. It lays the foundation for successful communication in the workplace and covers written, spoken and non-verbal communication. In addition to the fundamentals of basic business communication it also includes other critical business skills required in every work discipline worldwide

Written Communication

Module 1

Managing the Writing Process

Module 4

Writing Style and Tone

Module 7 (Bonus module)

Advanced Report Writing

Module 2

How to Write Effective Emails

Module 5

Language and Grammar Use 1

Module 3

How to Write Effective Reports

Module 6

Language and Grammar Use 2

Spoken Communication

Module 9

Fundamentals of Communication

Module 12

Non-Verbal Communication

Module 10

Listening Skills

Module 19

Telephone Etiquette

Module 11

Questioning Techniques

Other Critical Skills

Module 8

Business Intentions

Module 15

Emotional Intelligence

Module 18 (Bonus module)

Language Use in Negotiations

Module 13

Assertiveness & Behavioural Styles

Module 16 (Bonus module)

Language Use in Presentations

Module 14

Conflict Management

Module 17 (Bonus module)

Language Use in Meetings

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MyFuture Dream

The Mybizlingo Programme improves the chances of individuals finding employment in the career path that they are interested in.

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How and Why the Students will Benefit?


Most students entering the job market or further education are neither equipped nor confident with the tools required for business communication skills, and therefore ‘becoming workplace ready’ gives them a wonderful head start.


In addition to assisting learners to create a positive professional first impression and helping them to fit into the work environment more easily, the programme complements and enhances the vital subjects being taught at school and in tertiary institutions.


Even if a learner already has a tertiary qualification, these qualifications often tend to focus on the technical aspects of the chosen course and offer little or no guidance in the practical aspects of business communication skills. This programme will fill this vital information gap.


It will improve general efficiency in communication, and provides a foundation to vital skills that often take years to acquire independently within the work environment.


Employers will observe and appreciate that the new/prospective employee has already been exposed to key aspects of business communication. 


On completion, students will be able to print a certificate of completion in ‘Mybizlingo - Effective Communication in the Workplace’.

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Desktops, laptops, MacBook’s, smart phones, iPad’s and tablets all work. If your device is a smart device, you are good to go!


Our Partners

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Contact Us

Thanks for reaching out to us!

10 Fuschia Lane

Phezulu Estate, 

Bothas Hill, Hillcrest,

South Africa, 3610


Tel: +27 (0) 79 506 3571 (Chris Tough)


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